art jamm week!

me and my schedules!  so, I’ve been told I get a bit intense with my projects but what the heck!  i will say, this year’s art jamm week will be a bit more leisurely.

so, here are some topics and a draft schedule for myself. as you’ll notice too, there are some night activities in there too, to break things up!

thurs – 2 strips, thumbnails and page layouts, movie poster – charity event at night in winter park
fri – 2 strips, learn copics, movie poster, script layouts – Immortals!
sat- 2 strips, color strips, various art submissions – family birthday dinner
sun – 18 hour jamm day
mon – 2 strips, jamm day cleanup
tues – 2 strips, 3 pages from script – Batman Year One
wed – 2 strips, project cleanups, new web comic?

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