comic book work in progress!

so, this year i’m trying out a new process for me to make comic books.  the process entails first laying out very rough thumbnail concepts in pencil.  sometimes i play around with a couple different layouts, to see how i best like the panels to tell the story.  next, i go to the computer, working with Photoshop and a Wacom tablet and loosely draw in the figures, using reference pictures as often as possible.  supposedly, the beauty of this step is that i can use Photoshop to resize and move them around without constantly erasing on paper.  then, i invested in a new printer that’s able to print on the 11×17 comic boards in blue ink.  and voila, that’s where i’m at now!  just finished all 8 pages of this original comic i’m working on and ready for the final step of the detailed pencils and inks.  below is a pic of the steps mentioned above.

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