the end to art jamm week

another fantastic art jamm week has come and gone, sadly.  (quick recap, once a year, i take off from my day job to focus on just art and really settle into the lifestyle of an artist.)  this year, as indicated below in my previous blog, i had a plan on what i’d like to accomplish.  except, i decided to not go too hardcore and go at a bit more of a leisurely pace, fitting in reading comics and other night time activities.  all in all, definitely a fantastic time.

so, this year, i think i really built on two key skills – comic page layouts and details, details, details.  since i was working on an 8-page comic book collaboration this year, i had the opportunity to really dig deep into page layouts to tell a story (panel size, shape, perspective, etc.).  also, the amount of sheer detail needed to give the overall effect. as i look through a comic now, i have that new found appreciation of what the artist did in teh background in order to make the character jump out so much more.

something else i wanted to work on was a movie poster.  i saw a movie poster for Drive done by Phil Noto and was absolutely inspired.  and i think he just did it for fun!  i wonder how long it took him to do it but impressed i was.  so, i took a stab at a poster for The Dark Knight Rises.  i didn’t get very far though unfortunately, just a rough layout.

but i think the most fun i had was working on perhaps a new webcomic.  i’ll call it, Journey into the Inknown!  (for now.)  the beauty (or detriment) of it is that i have no script.  i have no idea where the story is going (ala Skottie vs. Scotty) and i’m just having a great time making it up as i go.  done in only black and white, all i want to deliver is action in every panel!  i’m not sure how i’m going to present it yet (one panel at a time, one page at a time, daily, weekly, monthly, on or at another website, etc.) so i’m afraid i won’t have any below.

well, thanks for reading and below are some images for your perusal.

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