worth it

i’m a believer that people who used to date can still hang out, as friends.  but, it all definitely depends on how and why they broke up.  if both people agreed to it, because of just known differences or cause they grew apart, then why not.  there was enough in common to love each other once, why not try still being friends.  (we could always use another good friend!)  BUT, if the breakup was because of cheating, or if one person did the breaking up, or any number of other reasons, perhaps not.  all i’m saying is it’s worth to at least think about it.

i do love the single panels.  not because it’s less art, but because i think i really get to paint a more solid picture.  and in this week, i throw in a bit of shading.  i used to shade every comic strip, but it just got too tedious!

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