panel breakdown

here are some toughs for another panel in my unscripted comic. as I’m learning, one of the first things I want to do is make room and get the word bubble in, before any artwork interferes. so, in this panel, I want the reader to ‘jump’ with the character down into the abyss. hence, I decided to go with a more back shot than a front shot. in my first attempt, I quickly realized I drew the character too big for the panel. it just wouldn’t leave any room to show the expanse of the abyss. so, in try two, I resized him down and changed his footing some. I really liked the body posture so I had to fit the cliff angle into that perspective. had a tough time actually coming up with the right angles there. I’m sure there is some technical art method to figure out the correct angles for the cliffs, but me, I just eyeball it!



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