sketch nights!

in this post, i’ll be showing you sketches from two sketch night’s, from November and December’s Mystery Sketch Theatre, hosted at The Geek Easy in A Comic Shop.  and i have to say, it was a rough couple of months.  it was very humbling to see such fantastic artwork from others.  it was also a pointer to me that i really need to work on female faces.  well, as always, we start off with the 30 second warm ups.

next up are the one minute sketches.  if i recall correctly, i’m using the Copic multiliner 0.2mm exclusively here.

i really need to find my style a bit more.  i’ve been told i have very clean lines.  simple artwork without too much clutter.  well, i’m not sure if that’s a good thing.  i think i cut myself short because i’m afraid i’ll muck things up.  well, that’s the beauty of these sketch night.  i go ahead and try to experiment and see what happens.  here are the 5 minute sketches.

i know for the sketches in December, i wasn’t getting the female face so i decided to focus on the ink shading.  i think it turned out alright.  next, 10 minute sketches.

and finally, the contest sketch of the night.  in November, it was to incorporate a fairy tale.  in December, it was incorporate a Christmas llama.  yeah, you read that right.

needless to say, i didn’t win the contest.  so defeated, i left early to cry in my pillow!  haha, just kidding.  one last sketch from November, focusing on the shiny latex.


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