why do it

as some of you may know, i recently got married to an absolutely amazing woman.  although i was never asked, “how do you know when you’re ready,” the thought simply crossed my mind.  and when i tried to answer that, well, there were just too many reasons why.  there was just an overwhelming reason why TO do it!  so, in today’s strip, i offer only one of infinite reasons why.  and although it’s a phrase we’ve all probably heard before, it’s a phrase that really sunk in with me once i truly felt it.  sorta like the phrase, ‘welcome to the x-men, hope you survive the experience!’

artwork wise, i’m really happy the overhead shot worked out good.  since the topic is kinda deep, i wanted the audience to feel like they were IN on the discussion.  i didn’t realize the amount of measurements i would have to make when drawing this, especially the floor tiles and the spacing of foosball men.  but as i’m learning, the background details is sometimes what makes the characters pop out the most.

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