panel – step by step

I start each of panel these days using a 0.5 blue pencil lead. I used to use reg pencil lead but found during my scans, it would show up sometimes. (blue doesn’t scan in under b&w settings). I try to rough out the shape and make sure they make sense proportionally. more often than not, I have to do multiple erases before I settle in on what I think looks accurate. next, still using blue pencils, I flush out the details. and it’s great to know I still have inking to do because if I get something wrong here, I don’t redraw it and instead leave it to the inking step to correct. and finally, using a Pentel brush comes the inking. I pay special attention to the amount of pressure I apply, to try and give the picture more personality with line variations.

so, it’s a pretty quick process and I correct as I go with each step. I’d like to think with a more serious piece there would be more steps and I’d work a bit more on getting each step right before moving on. and of course, there’d be more background details.





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