what’s my real name?

i love pet names!  although i may not use them very often, i love hearing what people call their significant others and i usually get a good kick out of it.  one of the best i’ve heard recently (which used above actually) is Fancy Face, which Ryan Gosling’s character uses in the movie Crazy Stupid Love.  so, why do i enjoy pet names so much?  i think it’s because when two people share such an intimate connection, the use of our formal names are just too, well, formal.  and it’s the pet names that really becomes our real name, at least to each other.

this week there are 10 faces of Finn,  each one i try to stretch myself and just have fun with Finn’s facial expressions.  although i’m not too happy with the outcome, it was quite a stretch to just draw those.  i think i’m being held back by 3 years of drawing Finn and anything too radical just looks weird.  well, time to shake loose the old shackles and experiment!  more to come!

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