my top 10 tv shows of the year

for my next top 10, let’s do tv shows!

1. Game of Thrones – action, awesome characters, fantasy creatures, and Tyrion Lannester!
2. SGU Stargate Universe – a bit of a BSG knockoff, but hey, still great!
3. Young Justice – about time DC animation came back with a regular toon
4. How I Met Your Mother – love Barney
5. Whitney – love the focus on relationship issues and the boyfriend is hilarious
6. Community – Donald Glover, a writer, stand up comic, actor and rapper!
7. Modern Family – great writing every episode
8. Dexter – finally getting into the show. it didn’t hurt Adama was the villain!
9. Walking Dead – zombies!
10. Warehouse 13 – quirky and fun, plus you get some history

and for honorable mention, the new marvel anime shows – Iron Man, X-Men, and Wolverine. just couldn’t quite get into them. but, def looking forward to next year’s return of Games Of Thrones and maybe, just maybe a premiere of a new sci-fi show!

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