my top 10 comic story lines of the year

albeit a little late, but here is my top 10 comic story lines for 2011!

  1. Uncanny X-Force Dark Angel Saga by Remender & Opena – simply doesn’t get better than this.  a tie in with Age of Apocalyse, fantastic artwork, world-level threat, and my growing like for Fantamex!
  2. Scarlett by Bendis and Maleev – forget what you ever thought comics was about.  this comic got me inspired to do something new.
  3. Wolverine and the X-Men by Aaron & Bachelo – great artwork by Bachelo and back to what makes x-men interesting, learning how to use their powers!
  4. Uncanny X-Men “Breaking Point” by Gillen & Dodson – a throwback to the great Astonishing X-Men storyline by Whedon, Dodson does fantastic work with Kitty.
  5. Mighty Thor by Fraction & Coipel – Thor versus Silver Surfer.  Odin versus Galactus.  ’nuff said!
  6. The Avengers by Bendis & Romita Jr. – although not a fan of Romita’s artwork, i thoroughly enjoyed the story of a ‘normal’ villian when he gets his hand on the infinity gems.
  7. Avengers: The Children’s Crusade by Heinberg & Cheung – a story that touches on plenty of Marvel characters, delivered in fantastic art.
  8. Superior by Miller & Yu – another comic that change what you think the typical comic should be like.
  9. Justice League by Johns & Lee – i can’t help, it’s Jim Lee!
  10. Carnage by Wells & Crain – intense and just great mayhem fun.

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