should friends ever fight?  i’d like to think not but i know the majority of friends do fight and they’re all the stronger for it.  but what can you reasonably fight about?  politics?  religion?  girls/guys?  let’s focus on that last topic.  is it really ok for friends to fight over a potential love interest?  most of the time, it’s the love relationships that come and go, and the friends that last through it all.  but in the grand scheme of things, when you meet the right person, that love relationship will last your entire life.  so, should you fight for it?  hmm.

yeah, i apologize for that last panel.  going without reference, i was trying to figure it out by hand, kinda like sculpting using a pencil and paper.  in the end, i don’t think i got it right.  but i do like that second panel with Ace!

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