comic reviews – Moon Knight, Batwoman, X-Men

so, Moon Knight continues to pleasantly surprise me. I mean, I don’t know much about the character’s history but Bendis and Maleev seem to be having lots of creative fun with him. in issue 9, they have a showdown with Count Nefario – umm, who is that? Bendis does a good job hyping up how powerful a villain he is, which helps the gravity of the fight.

Batwoman #6 tied together the storyline so far pretty nicely but what happened to the art?! don’t mean to hate on your art Mr. Haden Blackman but I just isn’t the same as the painted masterpieces of J.H. Williams III. will I stick with it? I’ll give it one more issue…

and lastly, I read X-Men #24. you know how you read the Sunday funnies and the last strip you read is Family Circus and you’re kinda disappointed? well, this felt like that. as much as I like Jubilation Lee, I’m not feeling the vampire storyline about her at all. I like X-Men because they are mutants, not vampires! please, bring back the core team, their interaction, and a villain from the X-Men pantheon.


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