on the hunt

what’s the angle on your game?  are you mysterious?  are you funny?  are you the nice guy?  or perhaps like Owen, you may be a bit aggressive.  in any of the cases, i think you just have to play to your strong suit and make the most of it.  and given some time and patience, no doubt you’ll find the perfect person.  i think the tactic to avoid here is to act like someone you’re not.  such trying to be funny when you’re just a serious kind of person.  and the same goes for the ladies.  if you’re goofy, stay goofy.  if you’re sexy, well, definitely stay sexy!

had a lot of fun with this week’s strip by drawing something i don’t typically draw.  and the juxtaposition of a killing machine trying to throw game in a bar has got to be funny! also, getting the expression on the ladies’ faces was a hoot!

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