comic review – Age of Apocalypse and Saga

just bought these two and could not wait to read them!

first up, Age of Apocalypse by Lapham and De La Torre. I have to start off by saying I am a HUGE fan of this entire universe and love the fact that Marvel keeps going back there for such rich stories. and this chapter proves no different. great establishment of characters in a fast paced environment. the art by De La Torre works great with this world too, being more sketchy, scratchy, and just downright more messy. looking forward to the next chapter!

as for Saga, all I had to know was Brian K. Vaughan was writing a alien sci-fi story! and this is my first exposure to the art of Fiona Staples, which lacks the refined style of the other great artists, but still impressed at how she’s able to draw a face repeatedly recognizable. in a day and age where we’re used to identifying a character by their uniform, it’s always refreshing to see art like this. (and I like Fiona’s catchphrase, you can’t make comics without Staples!). the story is twice as long, which is great value for the money, and sets up everything quite nicely. although I was expecting more pure science, I don’t mind the magical elements for now.

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