comic review – Ultimates, Wolverine and the X-Men, X-Men Legacy, X-Men, and Ultimate X-Men


so, let’s start with the comic I enjoyed the most and work our way back. by far, The Ultimates #7 is the winner. The combo team of writer Hickman and artist Ribic was fantastic. now, the only part I didn’t like remains Nick Fury’s character. kinda flat for my tastes. but the story pitting two way advanced civilizations and the Ultimates in the center is fascinating. further, the way Hickman is able to come up creatively such an advanced culture and still make it relatable, is well, ahead of my time.

next, Wolverine and the X-Men #7 continues to surprise me with the fun and unknown artwork of Bradshaw, which reminds me a lot of Arthur Adams. and the paneling he juggles between like three simultaneous storylines is impressive. he’s able to draw the climatic conclusion together like beats on a drum.

X-Men Legacy #263 continues and concludes the Exodus storyline. it’s been mildly entertaining with mild artwork and dialogue. it’s only saving grace was the bit of foreshadowing at the very end that leaves you with that da da dum feeling.

Ultimate X-Men #9, to me, is struggling. it’s like riding off of the momentum from the original Ultimate X-Men line but seems to be just lost. the characters are not very flushed out and it’s like puppets just going through the motions. I can see the strings.

finally, X-Men #26 is just kinda bad. Marvel (if you’re listening) – no more vampires. seriously, I’m in this for mutants, not vampires. the only saving grace here is Deadpool and his awesome humor.

oh yeah, final note, both the ultimate issues came with digital copies! yes, I am liking this trend!

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