breaking the habit

it’s interesting how we develop habits.  even more interesting are relationship habits.  such as the constant need to call or text your partner.  or perhaps the way we just treat them, that is very different than how we’d treat anybody else.  i don’t know, i don’t think i’m describing this very well.  i’m talking about the behaviors we’ve repeated so many times with that person that now it has become routine to treat them that way.  and i’m not saying it bad or good, just that we should step back and witness what it is we’re doing and what effect it has, positive or negative.

ok, not sure if there’s much punch to that punchline, but i’m pretty happy with the way i captured Finn’s protective arm movements.  this one was done without reference (except for Finn in the 3rd panel) and really feel it’s getting easier drawing body positions.  but when i do go back to reference material, i can definitely tell the more natural posture.  one of my goals this year is to get to more comic book, superhero drawing styles, so i’ll have to work on muscles eventually.

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