hey, listen!

every once in a long while, a revelation occurs and it automatically makes you rethink of all the past situations and see them in a different way.  such was the case when i learned this a long time ago.  the idea of simply just listening and not offering advice was a shocker to me.  the idea that they already have ideas or maybe even know how to solve it was mind-boggling because to me, why even tell me the story?!  and that’s when it clicked with me.  people tell stories just to be understood.  they seek confirmation and validation in how they feel, at that moment.  even though they know how to move past it perhaps, it’s still important to be there in that moment.  and man, is it hard.

looking to do something different with Finn these days.  i like how this strip did away with the conventional panels and not sure if i capture the “mind blowing” aspect i was going for, but nonetheless, it was fun.  the next couple weeks i mix up the inking style too.  stay tuned!

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  1. Men are logical. When you talk to someone, it’s because you want to communicate, and you expect a response. It’s a discussion.

    Women want the comfort of just being able to have someone hear what’s on their mind, but let them dominate the “conversation”. Many men fall into habits any try to turn that into a discussion.

    You can’t fault guys. We’re of the mindset where “If you ask my opinion, you get it. If you don’t like my opinion, next time don’t ask.” I’m no one’s yesman. (or yes ma’am).

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