tough, tough decisions

i don’t know about you, but it’s a constant struggle with me – do i go out and paint the town, or stay in the comfort of my home?  usually, in either case, i don’t regret it.  on one hand, you’re out and about, with friends, getting some rich new memories and experiences.  on the other, you’re super comfy, and if you’re like me, watching cartoons or some movies.  it only gets more interesting when you’re making that decision with someone.  and as much as you may debate what to do, just keep in mind that either way, it’s all good!

artwork-wise, i did something different with the first panel.  i decided to use Copic sketch markers of vary grays to get the city skyline effect.  can’t say i was really happy with it.  i thought the Copic would seamlessly blend in a bit more.  your thoughts?

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