run faster

for this week’s commentary, i’d like to take us a step even further back, to get a better picture of the bigger picture.  all our lives we’re running towards something.  whether it’s running to find love, running after that promotion or grade, or even running for the heck of running.  it’s this non-stop go-go-go mentality with the promise that once we achieve it, life will be better.  i think we both know that’s a bunch of bahooey.  i say keep running.  keep going for all the things that you think will make your life better – just make sure you’re enjoying the run.

so, i don’t like doing backgrounds.  if i had it my way, all you’d see were character movements.  alas, i felt the last panel needed a background to convey the scope of the scene.  and i don’t like to color either.  and that’s why it’s in grey. ha!

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  1. Re: backgrounds – I think you did a good job with this one; don’t sell yourself short. 🙂 I really think it helps put the “running” scene in some nice context; helps it pop out.

    Thanks for giving me something to look forward to on Mondays!

  2. thanks! yeah, i know it’s a skillset i need to develop further, so maybe you will see more background! of course, i’m working several weeks in advance right now and it’s looking sparse for awhile at least. 🙂

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