you’re entitled to nothing

remember MySpace?  remember how you could rank your friends?  it was such a big deal back in the day where you were on someone’s list, and their life for that matter.  i’m actually thankful Facebook got rid of that practice.  what a cold-hearted list that was.  i mean, sure, if you’re high on the list, good for you.  but what if you thought you were high on their list only to see how really far down you rank?  and as much as it hurts, let’s face reality.  we can’t be everyone’s best friend.  we can’t be everybody else number one.  and that’s why i dislike people so much when they think they’re the center of the world and feel ‘entitled’ to be invited.  no friends, you should earn it.

even though this is a ‘comic’ strip and should be funny, i really enjoy the ones that just poignant.  (maybe that explains most of my strips?  haha.)  Calvin & Hobbes is my favorite comic strip, but i also read tons of Charlie Browns.  and half the time, they weren’t funny at all.  but reading how these little kids embodied such grown up dilemmas, well, i think it really opened my eyes at an early age.  i hope my comics do the same for people.

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