fight, fight!

i’d like to continue from last week’s message and talk about how we’re just not entitled to anything.  the notion that because we’re now friends, you should be invited all events i have is absurd.  first of all, sometimes you just want to hang out one-on-one with someone, or with just a smaller group.  and secondly, invites should be reciprocated.  if i invite you to some of my events, i should be invited to some of your events.  and if you don’t normally set up events, perhaps you should.  the act of setting up an event and inviting you, no matter how casual an affair, takes some effort.  you should be asking yourself, what are you doing to contribute to the relationship if not reciprocating invites.  maybe you should just bring food, that would be just as awesome!

really enjoyed drawing this week’s strip, for all the obvious reasons!  and i say, who cares about the background, you get all the action and you don’t even need to know where they are!  am i right or am i right?!

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  1. I actually agree, background doesn’t really matter unless you are trying to emphasise where they are.I love the little man-girl fight they have but finn looks a little too girly on the last scene 😛 overall though great comic this week!

  2. thanks beccah and emily! yeah, that last panel was def very fun to draw. looking forward to doing more animated scenes like that, while still keeping the topic real. thanks again!

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