first this, then that, and oh yeah

how much should we help out friends out?  is it to the ends of the earth or is it if i can get off this couch and turn off the tv?  there are times when i feel in order to build a super foundation of great friends, i gotta be as selfless as possible.  and then i realize Young Justice is on tv and i’m not so sure anymore.  i’m just kidding of course, but you get what i’m saying.  how do you balance enough time being selfless versus being selfish?  maybe you do what want at first and let your social circle tell you.

this week’s strip was fun to draw!  adding on the complexity to Finn’s attire was challenging.  and i’m still working to show more emotion in the comic strip, hence some of the friend’s reactions.  something else i try to do is throw in more mini-gags, that could make you laugh, such as Alex’s short-shorts.

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