feel this

continuing from the last several weeks, here we find Finn feeling used, tired, frustrated, and just not having enough time to do the things he wants to do.  do you ever feel this way?  of course you do.  i know i do sometimes.  but why do we feel this way?  do we really thing we don’t have enough time for ourselves or is it because we just don’t want to miss out of what is going on?  somehow, these two two countering positions needs to reconcile and find some inner peace.  just be happy, wherever you’re at and with whoever you’re with.  i say stop being so dramatic and just keep it simple.

the concept for this week’s strip was inspired by Sara Pinchelli’s promo ads for the limited series Spider-Men.  i just found the ad super impactful, telling you all you need to know is this is the first ever encounter between Peter Parker Spider-Man and the Ultimate universe’s Miles Morales Spider-Man.  and i’m not sure you can tell, but i’m really digging the change in art style.

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