just wait a bit

so, i subscribe to several magazines, like Esquire and GQ.  in them, every so often they discuss what the latest statistics are regarding men and women.  stuff like what they find attractive, how much money would you like them to make, hairstyle, etc.  and i find it interesting how given enough time, something that was undesirable years ago is now highly sought after.  so, what do we do this data?  do we ignore it knowing that the data may change over time?  or should we constantly adjust to the times and stay current?  i’m not sure there is a right answer here.  perhaps we should just stick to our preferences and hope GQ deems it in-fashion.

that second panel was super tricky.  my goal was to get that perspective that squarely focuses on the knife that Ivy is holding, but also capture some of Alex’s reaction to it.  i hope i pulled it off!

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