treat oh so carefully

continuing from last week’s discussion on the positive and negative aspect of peer pressure, this week i’m highlighting probably a negative aspect of it.  here, we have Owen clearly making decision based only off of what others think.  so, let me play devil’s advocate and ask, “what’s wrong with that?”  there’s the obvious response of it may not be what Owen wants himself and therefore, not make him happy.  i say how do we know that?  maybe Owen gets happy by pleasing others, aka a people-pleaser.  i think the danger comes when he starts hanging out with bad influences, and therefore will pick up on those bad behavior.  luckily he’s hanging out with Finn!

i think i’m getting better with body language and facial expressions, now that i’m introducing more details.  for example, take away all the word captions, and i think you’d still get a hint of what’s going on and what the characters are feeling.  and if you’ve been reading Finn for awhile, you know i need to buff up on backgrounds, which is clearly missing here.  i blame laziness.

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  1. Sadly, it works the opposite way too. “This guy i know” was going to ask this nerdy girl out in high school, but his buddy said she was ugly, and that guy lost interest int that girl.

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