the real reason

pretty simple strip for today, but i believe this simple truth sometimes leads us to horrible decisions, especially during the dating phase of life.  i understand marriage is a different animal with different expectations, especially since you make a vow to be in the relationship forever.  but if we’re just talking dating, then staying in the relationship simply because you’ve been together for a long time is a bad reason.  in the business world, we call this “sunk cost.”  if you spend $10 million dollars into a project but it’s still failing, then it doesn’t matter how much money you have invested, you should shut down the project and move on.  i’m just saying take a close look at your relationship and understand why you’re in it.

i like the first panel, approaching it from the back view to represent a more contemplative mood.  in the second panel, i’m not sure what body language Ace is supposed to be doing!  and don’t even get me started on the lack of detail!  big changes are coming friends, big changes in a few months.

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