some honesty

i think i wrote about this a long time ago, but it deserves repeating.  i was reading an article out of a guy’s magazine and the point of it was that open honesty in every facet of the relationship is not a good thing.  honesty is a great thing, but we’ve got to be super careful on what to share.  honest about every detail about you and your past relationships?  nah.  honest about the major issues with your past relationship?  yeah.  i know today’s strip deals with a topic that yes, you should be honest about.  in fact, Finn should’ve been proactive about this before waiting until it got to this point.

so, i made this strip like over 2 months ago.  back then, i thought it was great.  but looking at it again with fresh eyes i see all my errors.  in the first panel, the background needs to distinguish the ground to the background, cause it looks like Elle is floating in mid-air!  and in that last panel, although Finn’s body pose looks great, that facial expression is just weird.  hopefully next week’s will be better!

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