sometimes it takes someone new

yikes, what happened?!  i swore i had a new Finn comic uploaded and ready for last Friday   turns out i forgot to upload it.  FAIL.  well, that means i get a one week reprieve!

this week Finn meets one of Ivy’s friend, Stacy.  i don’t know about you but i have mixed feelings these days meeting ‘new’ people.  don’t get me wrong, it’s always exhilarating and exciting to meet a new person, get to know their personality  and just learn about a totally different lifestyle and upbringing.  but, it’s so much work sometimes!  so much effort to ask questions and pay attention and all that stuff.  but every once in awhile, those chance encounters turns into something more, like a lasting friendship.

this week’s strip is all about setting the stage.  in the first panel, we have the classic introduction and establishing Finn reading a magazine.  the second panel has to zoom overhead to reveal the comic book, but also keep Stacy and Finn in frame for dialogue.  then in the last panel, it was important to get Stacy ‘close’ to Finn, which will segue into next week’s comic strip.

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