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there’s no right answer to the question posed, what do you look for in a relationship, but we can probably all agree on some basics, like love, loyalty, trust, etc.  what about excitement?  i’m not talking each and everyday has to be super exciting and a thrill ride, but does the thought of spending time with your significant other make you excited or dread it? that’s probably a tell-tell sign on what you need to do in your relationship.  i tried to use this question when i’m doing chores too, but that just ends up with me doing nothing.

oh man, i was THAT close to not coloring this week’s strip cause i’m running out of time.  i think i’ve decided starting next week, Finn comics will no longer be in color.  going back 3 years now, the whole reason i started Finn was to keep regular with my artwork, so when i think about it, coloring is just not fun for me.  i’d rather spend more time on penciling and inking, which is something i do want to get better at.

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