you knew it

does that ever happen to you?  that precise moment when the light bulb flips on and this giant revelation finally dawns on you?  i gotta be honest, it doesn’t happen to me.  but, it so awesome when it happens in stories!  it might be because as a viewer, you’ve probably realized it awhile ago and it’s fun to witness the character realize it themselves finally.  so, have you followed along Finn long enough to see this coming too?  how do you feel about the Finn and Elle relationship?

ok, don’t ask me what art style i’m doing here.  i know it’s jarring sometimes to see me go from a detailed art style like in panel 1 to a cartoonish one, like in panel 4.  but i’m just having fun.  you can expect a lot more of that in next year’s Finn strips.  my art will no longer be shackled down!

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  1. love the detail contrasting the cartoon style. shows how serious he is about the situation, then ends in a lighter tone 🙂 love it

  2. thanks! if you like that, then you’re gonna love what i have envisioned for next year! but first, we’ll see what you think of this storyline as it starts to wrap up. i’m so nervous!

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