just the one of us

there’s nothing you can but feel lonely.  after such a relationship, the longer you’ve been together, the harder it’s going to be.  and what’s the best way to get past it?  i think it’s just filling up your life with so much to do, you’re over-filling and brimming with things to do.  with all the empty parts of your life, i think it’s important to start filling them in with things you like to do.  and ultimately, with the passage of time, your life will be all patched up, and perhaps even stronger than before.

sticking with last week’s strip of letting the art do the talking, i was trying to find events that are meant for two and show Finn being lonely know without Elle.  and has anybody ever seen a two-seated bike besides on tv?

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  1. that’s funny, you’re the second one to quickly notice Finn’s scandals. well, just one of many wardrobe changes for Finn, now that he’s not restricted to just that one shirt. although most comic strips (and comic books?) show their characters is the same outfit to make it easy for the audience to recognize, i think i’m going to really spice it up and therefore need to define more physical traits for Finn.

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