risk it

oh Finn, you’ve got to let go man!  coming out of a long term relationship, i know it’s hard to move on from something that has been such a large part of your life. something that’s always been there and stable.  but now, she’s just gone.  so, i think it’s just human nature to hold on to what is familiar.  now is the time though to be bold and really try new things.  time to redefine who Finn really is.

pretty happy with the artwork this week.  i knew the last panel was the rock climbing scene, which i’m also happy with how it turned out.  but in order to get there, i had to get the right framing for the first two panels.  how do i show these two guys talking without revealing where they are at until the last panel.  i’m happy with it but what do you think about the second panel?

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