my top 10 movies from 2012!

man, I love putting together this list every year! my top 10 movies released in 2012 are:

10. Game Change
9. Skyfall
8. Lawless
7. The Vow
6. Argo
5. Prometheus
4. Chronicle
3. The Avengers
2. Les Miserables
1. The Dark Knight Rises

as for honorable mentions, I have Flight and Life of Pi. and I have to admit, I haven’t seen some potentially great movies, which I will, such as Django Unchained, Zero Dark Thirty, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Lincoln, and The Impossible.

if you’ve read this far, then you must really care what I think so I’ll keep commenting. The Dark Knight Rises has to be the top spot compared to all the others. it is the end to a great, epic trilogy that changed he landscape of movies, plus what a fitting ending. maybe I put Les Miserables higher on the list because that was the last movie I watched, but wow was it powerful! so many themes and great music that almost got me to cry. I think Chronicle was a small game changer for me because that is totally how real super powers would manifest itself in the real world. Prometheus was BWAMM BWAMM BWAMM. Argo, being kind if like learning history, was riveting and had a woman in the theatre cheering them on. I love hypothetical questions and The Vow presented a whopper of one. Lawless featured some superb acting from Tom Hardy, Guy Pierce, and Jessica Chastain. and finally, Game Change was such a unique insight into what probably really happened regarding the 2008 election and Palin.

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  1. Man, do our lists look different. Lawless and Prometheus both stunk in my opinion, but it takes all types to makvthe world go round, bud. Good list!

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