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so, are you contributing more than you’re consuming in life?  and i don’t mean just at work, but all around in life – with your friends, your family, etc.  at the end of the day, can you reflect back and see if you’ve added more to society than taken from it?  don’t get me wrong, every so often it’s ok to take more and take advantage of things more, especially if life throws it at you.  i just think a measure of a good community is when everybody in it is about each other more than than themselves.  perhaps that was what life was like in the 1940’s?

pretty happy with how the art turned out this week, with the up perspective and the ink shading.  not sure if the transition works (nor the joke), but i still like it!  i will say, it took quite awhile with the blue pencils to get the upward shot right.

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  1. Artwork looks really good this week – esp. the last panel! The middle section is a teeny bit off in the movement and bodies, but, overall, I think this is one of your best bits of art (esp. since it’s different than what had been your traditional style).

    I think the joke was fine. A bit subtle, but that’s not always a bad thing.

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