finn and i

i’m actually feeling kinda lonely right now.  and you know what, maybe that’s ok.  maybe it’s good to feel this way every once in awhile to really appreciate who i have in my life.  just like any relationship, it’s so easy to forget the big picture and only see what’s in front of you.  lonely times like this forces me to take a look at the great landscape and see who all is in it, even if they’re on the fringes of the map.  maybe now is a good time to go visit those on the fringes and basically expand my map.

like with all my comic strips, i have grand visions of how awesome they will look but often after i’m done, i’m just so-so happy with it.  don’t get me wrong, i am happy with it and it definitely conveyed what my vision was, but for some reason, i think it’s missing more ‘pop’ factor.  it’s alright, i’ll just endeavor to always do better.

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