among life

how can you be surrounded by so much life yet still feel so alone?  well, it happens everyday, to almost everyone.  what does it take to simply reach out to someone?  maybe it’s that weird duality that before you can reach out to others, you have to be totally ok with just being alone.  it drove me nuts back when i was dating how when i was single, i couldn’t get a date for the life of me.  but as soon as i was dating someone, it felt like other girls were popping out of the wood works!  so if life trying to teach us we’ll get what we want as soon as we’re not looking for it anymore?

really happy with today’s artwork.  it’s that rare moment when what i had envisioned actually manifests itself on the paper!  but, if i had to critique myself, maybe i should remember to do more line variations, to give more of a sense of depth.

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