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i’ve never been to Austin, Texas, but i hear so many good things about it.  the majority of the comments have to do with their culture and how out front they are when it comes to new artistic movements.  the other comments i hear is how in the span of just 20, 30 years, Austin reinvented itself into what we know it as today.  considering how long it takes for change to happen sometimes, i find it amazing that a city has gone from being on the brink of bankruptcy to a thriving mecca of art and culture.  i tip my hat to you, city of Austin.

so, i did it again.  i drew an entire strip before i had the punchline! i know, i know, it’s a horrible thing to do.  so, before i draw this next one, i’m gonna layout the next several comic strips in hopes of actually being funny in my ‘comic’ strips.

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