doesn’t take much

i think girls should walk up to guys more often.  i mean, seriously, how often does that happen?  ask any guy how often he’s had a girl walk up to him and just start a conversation.  i bet the answer would be not very many but they were probably positive memories.  now ask any girl how often they have initiated a conversation with a guy.  i think in this day and age, people should just talk!  chivalry and any other tradition should be held onto IF it helps the process of courting, not impede it.

so, i originally drew that third panel with a lot more shadows but after inking it, it just looked wrong.  i guess i just didn’t commit to that image.  so, i went in with Photoshop and removed it, so now it looks like Finn has like white gloves on or something.  also, i’m liking Finn’s ability to wear different style shirts these days!

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