let’s dance

when you’re feeling down for whatever reason, there’s really only two choices – to fight harder or just give up.  in that situation, i wonder how people decide which route to take.  is it just something innate in us?  or is it something we can train ourselves to deal better with?  i hope it’s the latter with life’s little struggles and how we deal with them that will hopefully tell the world what we’re really made of.  hmm, i guess that means i should get away from this computer and start exercising!

as some of you may know, Finn comics has first and foremost always been a way for me to experiment with my art and get better at it.  ultimately, i’d love to work in the comic book industry and be a professional comic book artist.  therefore, i’ve been trying to introduce more dynamic and action scenes into Finn, to get me more experience.  i hope you’re up for the adventure as Finn’s story gets more fantastical!

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