fighting angry!

sometimes it’s ok to get angry.  even though i don’t like it, i know it’s a natural emotion.  i feel as long as it doesn’t lead to any destructive behaviors or actions, the feeling itself can propel ourselves to something even greater.  i mean, without the feeling, the motivation to do ‘something’ might be weak.  but if you’re angry, well, you’re super motivated to do that ‘something.’  so, i say, give in to it in a controlled environment, then ultimately use it to do better.  for me, i’ve been getting angry with my slow progression in developing my artwork, so hopefully you’ll see me redouble my efforts to get better.

speaking of art, when i finished that third panel, i was pretty happy.  but now, a few weeks later, it looks a bit off.  i think i should’ve added more dark shadows and shading, to make it fit in with the other panels.  also, that first panel should’ve been a bit more details.  i probably got lazy with those dashed lines.

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