take me home

it feels good to be saved.  whether it is via religion, your partner, or even yourself, the feeling of being safe after struggling for so long is a restful spite.  as much as i’m a proponent of working hard each and everyday to get further in life and in your goals, every once in awhile you just need to rest and really enjoy how far you’ve come in life.  that’s how i feel when i get several hours to just get lost in my artwork or a video game.  i enjoy sitting in my art studio, turning up the volume on my music, and loosing track of time for awhile.

pretty happy with how the art turned out this week.  i’m really trying to work on my ability to fill in background spaces.  i think my strategy may be to go overboard with background details, to get used to it, and then dial back on it eventually.  if i know i can fill in background details, then it won’t be so scary for me.

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