thinking past

it feels like i used to have more time back then to reflect on things.  whether it was being in the gym longer or more music during car rides, i felt like i had ample time to think about life and all the small nuances of it.  life just seems to get more busy all the time, so there’s probably an art to simplifying it.  maybe it’s through these small moments of reflection that we distill life into the basics, allowing us to see what’s important and not.  and if life is too busy, it keeps getting busier because we haven’t had time to think about it.  life creep.

in the first panel, i used a new white ink pen i found online.  it looks great when you first apply it because it’s so white, but after it dries, it’s not quite as white and the black behind it makes it look more gray than anything.  in any case, a fun pen with silky smooth ink that just flows.   found using white out (although it gave a whiter white) a bit cumbersome to use.  with the last panel, i thought i’d throw in a little color to punch it up some.  pow!

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