first off, i never said this comic strip would be funny.  sorry for all the seriousness, but i do have some fun strips planned in the future.

this week we revisit a common theme in finn comics, which is the concept that love is sometimes a matter of timing.  whether it is one person is a relationship not ready to take it to the next level or meeting someone awesome but you’re already in a relationship, sometimes timing is the only thing standing in the way.  what could’ve happened if you were both ready to take it to the take level?  or if you met that person, you were single and able to do something about it?  perhaps life is comprised of all these near misses, like asteroids flying about the universe and none of the big ones hit Earth.  (except for the one that wiped out the dinosaurs!)

what do you think about the background?  not sure if it makes sense or not.  i was trying to be artistic and so something different with the trees in the far off distance yet show a patch of dark grass stuff around the bench.  only proves i really need to work on my backgrounds.

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