feels good to finally get some closure.  i know not all relationships that end warrant this kind of civil discussion, especially not right away.  i would think that if you had the opportunity though, even years later, it might be worth your time.  even though we’ve probably changed and grown quite a bit since, there’s probably still something to learn upon reflection.  if you’re dating someone right now, make sure they’re ok with it before you reach out to your past!

that quote came from Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth (1989) by Grant Morrison and art by Dave McKean.  i’m pretty proud of this week’s strip.  it’s not very often the final product actually comes out the way i wanted it to.  i used Copic markers to get the tree backgrounds.

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  1. I love this comic. Before I had any idea my wife would be my wife she told me that you don’t love two people the same way. It changed the way I look at relationships. I think the same goes for happiness.

  2. thanks! yeah, the concept of being in love can feel and look different was an interesting realization. and i think because we change with time, the love that worked back then prob won’t work for us now. thanks for reading!

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