don’t get me wrong, i definitely look up to those who make a conscious choice to control their life instead of those who just chalk it up to fate.  i think it takes a lot of ownership and responsibility to say the reason your life is the way it is, is because of you.  by knowing that simple truth, it opens up the door to change so many things that we would otherwise blame something else for.  there’s just so little time in this world, why wouldn’t we try everything we can to improve our happiness?  i acknowledge though, despite our best efforts, life throws you a curve ball and sometimes it’s a strike, but sometimes it’s a home run.  (yeah, that’s right, i just used a sports reference.)

pretty happy with the artwork for this week’s strip.  i like how i took my time with the console controls to get the details just right.  i do think my art work could be more lively.  for example, that last panel could’ve been more exciting if i drew the car more ‘animated’ and perhaps jerked up.

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