lurking within our life

i wonder what life would look like if we never had to put up with the little inconveniences that pop up.  i think about that future in Star Trek where we have food replicators (thus no more grocery shopping and cooking), transporter beans (no more travel time, especially waiting at the airport and getting delays!), and maybe even robots (no more cutting the grass).  imagine all that time saved and what we could do with it.  then again, maybe there’s an intangible benefit of having to fix that stupid broken sprinkler head or having to learn to cook for yourself.  if only i could quantify the intangible.

i think you know what i was going for with this comic strip – a slow zoom over Finn’s shoulder to something ominous.  in retrospect, i think i should’ve zoom in further in those last two panels.  for example, in the fourth panel, only have Finn’s shoulder visible, and then the last panel shows the details of the blades of grass and bigger eyes in the dark.

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