dirty world

what are we looking for in life?  are we really just trudging through this icky forest in search of something because we feel compelled to?  and then suddenly something jumps in our face and scares the bejezzus out of us?!  some people enjoy the journey, others hate it, and some refuse to participate and plops down right in the middle of the forest.  in the end, this is the world we live in.  and whether we choose to participate or not, the world will continue to exist.  maybe it’s best we all strap on our hiking boots and get dirty.

this week, another continuous and borderless comic strip!  i think i’m using it correctly, since i’m trying to convey a wide open space, thus the lack of borders gets that sense across to the reader.  i also hope i adequately convey that is mud Finn falls into.  lastly, i’ve been on a kick with my technical pens (Copic Multiliners) but i should really get back to brushes, for better line variations.

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