well, friends, this is it.  the final Finn comic strip.  i’d like to say thanks to everyone for reading and visiting the site.  i’ve been drawing Finn and crafting relationships for him for over 5 years now.  i started this web comic with the simple goal of keeping me drawing regularly and to challenge my artistic skills.  Finn’s friends were created from the various moods i have, and letting them play off of my predominant characteristic, ala Finn.  looking back on my comic strips, i do notice a growth in my style and comfort in drawing emotions thru body expressions.  i’ve decided to stop the series now because i want to challenge myself in different art endeavors.  what that means is that my goal is to get this site active in a few months with all new stories and characters.  i hope you’ll come back then and see what new adventure i can drum up!  thanks!

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  1. Thanks for the years of comics and art. I will miss Finn. Can’t wait to see what new projects come from Johnny Nguyen! Whatever they are, I know they will be well planned out and executed with great determination and skill.

  2. Great job man. You truly have grown as both a story teller and an artist over the last five years, and it was a pleasure coming along for the journey.

    And while it’s sad to see Finn go, I’m extremely excited to see what comes next!

    Keep drawing brother.

  3. wow, it didn’t hit me the significance of this last strip until i saw your two responses. thanks so much for taking the time all these years sticking with Finn, endless hours helping me, and hopefully you got your “money’s worth.”

    (holding an imaginary cup,) here’s to the next big adventure in art! thanks!

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