INKtober – days 11-15

having survived the first 10 days, i found myself at this point getting more and more complex.  originally, i was aiming for short 15-30 minutes ink sketches.  these were now turning into a full hour to do!

below are the pieces from Day 11 through 15.  on Day 13, i was determined to do a close-up face shot, to further practice my shading skills.  with this piece, i also learned a bit about negative space, or white space, and the power of it.  not everything deserves a line.  sometimes, having it blank says more.  further, i think i’ve been working on my right side of the brain to truly capture what is seen, and not draw what i know should be there.  so, for Day 13, i really wanted to capture the shine from his black rim glasses.

on Day 14, i decided i would shift over to females for awhile.  this would prove to be actually more challenging.  how do i capture enough facial details without making them look old!  i’ve read how every single additional line you draw on a female’s face is like adding 10 years to her age!  so, with Day 14 and Gweneth Paltrow, i found a piece that i can focus on her neck and shoulders!

finally, on Day 15, i tackled Katy Perry and her shiny hair.  using Copic markers, the goal with this piece was to get that shine in her hair, again using white space.


day11 day12 day13 day14 day15

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INKtober – days 6-10

as you can probably tell by now, i’ve been drawing from Esquire magazine for my subjects.  at first, i just wanted a good fashionable piece to draw from, but then i decided, why not make the entire month of Inktober with some style!

as the days went on, i realized i was working on my ability to shade in ink by varying the thickness, the space between, and the direction of the ink lines.  as you can notice with Day 6, i think it worked particularly well by drawing the lines i the direction the skin contours to.  another takeaway for me was – don’t be afraid to add more detail.  for me, sometimes i get into this mindset that what i’ve drawn is good and i don’t want to ruin it with a line (ink, nonetheless!) that may ruin it.  well, in keeping with the spirit of Inktober and the whole premise of finncomics, i need to experiment!

below are Days 6 through 10.  enjoy.

day06 day07 day08 day09 day10

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INKtober – days 1-5

i first started hearing about Inktober a few years ago from the awesome Skottie Young, when i bought one of his digital books, The Adventures of Bernard the World Destroyer, that contained 31 inked pieces of art that combined to tell a short story.  apparently, Inktober was started by a guy named Jake Parker, an illustrator and comic book artist who has worked for lots of major companies and movies, such as Horton Hears a Who, Rio, and Epic.  the rules are pretty simple – for the entire month of October, produce some drawings at a regular and consistent pace (i.e. everyday, every other day, every 5th day, etc.).  that’s it.

so, this year, my annual art jamm week coincided with October 1st.  thus, i decided to participate.  below, are my Inktober pieces for days 1 to 5.  enjoy, and come back to see how the rest of the month goes!

day01 day02 day03 day04 day05



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new hero

I’m getting ready for my upcoming jamm week (one week totally devoted to drawing!) and need to do some character designs. below is a hero main character I came up with. he’s supposed to e from another planet who has now adopted earth as his home, ala Superman. thoughts?


below are some if the steps I took to make this drawing. I start off with the basic form, usually from a live reference. then I do tighter pencils. for coloring, I used neutral gray copic sketch markers, starting with the lighter ones and working towards the darker shades. finally, I add in the busted up concrete to really give the character some weight.








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my top 10 movies from 2012!

man, I love putting together this list every year! my top 10 movies released in 2012 are:

10. Game Change
9. Skyfall
8. Lawless
7. The Vow
6. Argo
5. Prometheus
4. Chronicle
3. The Avengers
2. Les Miserables
1. The Dark Knight Rises

as for honorable mentions, I have Flight and Life of Pi. and I have to admit, I haven’t seen some potentially great movies, which I will, such as Django Unchained, Zero Dark Thirty, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Lincoln, and The Impossible.

if you’ve read this far, then you must really care what I think so I’ll keep commenting. The Dark Knight Rises has to be the top spot compared to all the others. it is the end to a great, epic trilogy that changed he landscape of movies, plus what a fitting ending. maybe I put Les Miserables higher on the list because that was the last movie I watched, but wow was it powerful! so many themes and great music that almost got me to cry. I think Chronicle was a small game changer for me because that is totally how real super powers would manifest itself in the real world. Prometheus was BWAMM BWAMM BWAMM. Argo, being kind if like learning history, was riveting and had a woman in the theatre cheering them on. I love hypothetical questions and The Vow presented a whopper of one. Lawless featured some superb acting from Tom Hardy, Guy Pierce, and Jessica Chastain. and finally, Game Change was such a unique insight into what probably really happened regarding the 2008 election and Palin.

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return of sketch night!

after a few months, I was finally able to make it back to the 1st Wednesday sketch nights over at the Geek Easy. fantastic venue as always.

as always, the night progress from 30 second sketches, to 1 minute, to 5 minute and 10 minutes, and then a contest sketch for 15 minutes with 5 minutes for cleanups. below are my drawings, which I’m happier about than most sketch nights. enjoy!






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Game of Thrones – Stannis Baratheon

like many of you, i am super-excited to have the return of Game of Thrones!  and keeping with what i did with the first season, i’ll aim to deliver a sketch of a character every week.  this week we have Stannis Baratheon.  i think the show continues to do a fantastic job of casting great actors that embodies their character so well.

artwork wise, i’m continually trying to improve.  last season i took photos i found and drew them in my style.  this season, i take their likeliness and put them in original poses, and still try to develop my style.  i used Copic multiliner 0.7mm and 0.2mm pens.  and what do you think of the wood grain table?

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in preparations for, what is sure to be an awesome movie, Prometheus, i’m going back and watching all the Alien movies, starting with the original from 1979.  directed by Ridley Scott, as is Prometheus, the original Alien is part sci-fi, part horror.  and for a 1979 movie, the special effects were quite amazing and holds up in the test of time.  one part that did bug me was that darn cat.  seriously, leave the cat and save yourself Ripley!  so, here’s my rendition of a movie poster done in 30 minutes, all digital.

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